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January 1, 2013
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((NOTE: All assignments are due on February 1, 2013. Post your comment with link of your assignments in order to be graded. For text assignments, make sure your word count is added on your deviation.

No comment = No EXP+Grade.))

"Hello and good evening class." he greeted as they enter his class while having a smile on his face. "Welcome to Necromancy class, I am Alfard Rashalgue and this is my partner, Jack Springheel. I do hope you know what you are getting into once you stepped into this class." he smirked while walking himself back and forth in front of them. "Do note that this won't be an easy class because you'll be dealing with the dead and they might try to eat you alive if ever that happens." joking while letting out small laugh then coughs. "Please divide yourselves in what class you are and we shall start to do your tasks for this semester."

Necromancy 101 - Introduction to Spiritual Communication

"For those who are enrolled in this class may go to the other room to meet my trusty partner or your student teacher as you may call him. Have fun~" he waved to the students.

Necromancy 102 - Introduction to Necromancy

"Interested to learn Necromancy, yes? Good." he smiled and looks at his students. "Did you know word itself was derived from necromantia and was once called Nigromancy, if anyone know what it means." he chuckled while he knew his students won't answer it. "Well some of know have a background in magic and some aren't so you're here to try performing one. Let's start by trying to perform necromancy magic, that's it." he summons a black smoke with his fan, forming like a skull then snaps his fingers to disappear. "Whether be it success or fail, impress me."

Irina- ]
Nikolai- ]
West- 5 ]
Benjamin- 4 ]
Dusk- 3 ]
Hylvlian- 5 ]
Bluebell- 4 ]
Dakoeda- ]

Necromancy 103 - Introduction to Talismans

"Ah good to see you here, Xavier." he said as he shows his locket to him. "I have this when I was a child and say, it helped me throughout my life as if it invokes a deep emotion within me. Talismans are like that, it possesses many different powers on whoever uses it." explaining while he glances his eye to it one more time then leaves it over the desk between them. "Find or create one a talisman, show it to me then demonstrate on what properties it can use."

Xavier- 3 ]
Magus- ]

Necromancy 201 - History of Necromancy

"Aha, I knew you wanted to know more about the Necromancy's origins!" he laughed while dismissing his one hand. "I kid, I kid...but I do like your admiration on taking this class. Present me with a paragraph of how necromancy started, that's it."

Erin- 3 ]

Necromancy 202 - Animal Necromancy

The Necromancy teacher hands out a lacquered box to each of his student and gives them a smile. "Now open up your present so you can see what you have inside." he opens his box to reveal a dead snake lying quietly. "Take out your specimen and call them back from their hibernation." he kid but at least telling truth about snake hibernating in winter. Grabbing a small chalk, he draws a small magic circle then places the creature over the circle. Chanting in a foreign word, the snake comes to life and suddenly bites him in the hand he used to summon then looks at his students.

"And don't worry they aren't poisonous, so if they ever bite you...nothing...will see now." he answered while lightly smacking the dead snake off with his other hand, smiling as if he wasn't bitten.

Alan- 4 ]
Spectra- 4 ]
Lilith- 3 ]
Haku- 3 ]

Necromancy 203 - Necromantic Sustenance

"For this class, I want you to show me a food that was used for the deceased. Basic examples are blood of a livestock, wine and water. There are many delicacies out there in the Moonseed Lane so take your time on looking what you will show to me."

Sutton- ]
Jack Hound- 4 ]
Sound- 5 ]

Necromancy 204 - Necromancy in Literature

Taking a book with him entitled "Odyssey", he gives to his two students. "This book contains all of the oldest entries and accounts regarding to the necromancy. Read it and give me a summary from its first chapter."

Irina- ]
Haku- 2 ]
Erin- 4 ]

Necromancy 301 - Necromancy

"Huh and I thought I was going to have at least three or more for this class so it's looks like you and me, my dear student." he chuckled as he sat in front of him while playing with his fan. "You may know Necromancy isn't just a way to play with the dead, right? It can be also used to control and command them as you will." standing up from seat, he carries a small child and lays it down on the ground over the circle. Lightly cutting his finger with a knife and drops blood above the child and a glow emits around the room, the child wakes up from his sleep as he sits up from the ground while giving them a cold stare. "For now, we'll do some basics. Do the same on what I did; wake this poor child from his slumber." he snaps his finger and the child hangs its lifeless body down in the necromancer's arms.

Sutton- ]

((OOC: If there's any questions or problems, do comment away and if anyone wants to RP with Alfard, you may note or post here as well then I'll be happy to do so!))
1/2013 Necromancy Assignment for :iconotherworlde:

Edit: Assignment for NEC101 has been added! See link on the entry! :icondojimathumbsupplz:
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Hylvlian: Necromantia comes from the greek nekros and manteia (that means more or less the prophecy or divination with dead bodies). However in the middle ages they mistook the term nekros with nigro (black), and so nigromancia was how they used to call it, and was how it ended being related with the "dark (and forbbiden) arts"*tries to point out that she knew it* ....oh, and here's my assignment by the way [link] hope this kind of invocation counts.
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