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OW: Rowen Magnard 4th Application by konrei-sama OW: Rowen Magnard 4th Application by konrei-sama
For :iconotherworlde:

Full Preview (soon)
First Application
Second Application
Third Application

Basic Information

Name: Rowen Magnard
Age: 20 (January 22nd)
Height: 5'7"
Species: Demon

Academic Information
Level: Expert
Current Classes: ELM403, LIN303 (transferring his OTW credits here)
Passed Classes: OTW103 (LIN103), OTW201 (LIN202), ELM103, ELM104, ELM201, ELM301, ELM302, ELM303
Experience: ~3610

Personal Information
Likes: Collecting swords, tea, sword training, sleeping, his butler Gerhalt and looking over at the moon
Dislikes: Being unfair, disrespecting anyone (mostly ladies), hurting his familiar, friends or Kardia
Fears: Unable to protect his close ones and snakes
Goals: To protect everyone and venture around the world.

Personality: Shy, serious and 'obedient', Rowen is a person that's willing to help and doesn't refuse to any requests. He doesn't talk much unless someone approaches and talks to him but he's a good listener and gives 'advice'. Willing to know him even more will make you think that you have a bodyguard ready to protect and serve you anytime of the day. As a noble, he was raised to respect and act like one so his socialization skills are ranged from weird to awkward when interacting with anyone, especially to new people and he rarely uses profanity in case he's drunk or enraged.

History: Rowen isn't willing to share some of his family history to anyone but he's the only son of Augustus and Myria Magnard, a lesser known noble family in their place, who lives in a mansion not too far on the town besides them. He accidentally learned to use fire magic when a snake attacked him when he was 6, thus his fear of snakes was started at this age. His father was a skilled swordsman while his mother is a knowledgeable magic-user. At the age of 9, Rowen lost his family at a night raid attack thus the only memento he has are the sword that his father used to protect them so as the small pendant with their pictures that he brings and keeps on his pocket all the time. At 13, he tried taking his life away to be with his parents until a wandering dragon monk helped him changed his life. Rowen lives with his butler Gerhalt (who is a demon as well), who has served the family more than a thousand years and currently as the new head of the Magnard household, which is he isn't prepared on this responsibility yet up until now.

He decides to enroll in Otherworlde Academy to expand his knowledge further, especially his magical abilities he never learned from his mother and avoiding his responsibilities as the new head.

1st Year: It has been a year since he enrolled at Otherworlde, he made new friends, learned new things and found out the truth about his secret that made him change who he was. As time goes on, he was slowly overcoming his shyness and thus getting his self-esteem and confidence back then got in a relationship with Kardia Sigvid, which he is proud of and often gets punched at his horrible puns/pick-up lines he attempts at her.
2nd Year: Improving himself more on physical after realizing he was relying on his magic throughout his battles in the OW tournament. His relationship with Kardia grew stronger, whether be good or bad times, they were there for each other no matter what happens. He was still not prepared to take the title of the head household, still doubting his leadership skill and abilities that was unmatched against his father.
3rd Year: He was enrolled as a student teacher in Elementalism Department under ELM104 and so far, he was enjoying teaching and helping his students. He is still going on a strong relationship with Kardia and the two decided to become roomates.

Sword Mastery
Basic Fire Magic: He can hurl a simple fireball his hands and control small wave of flames after a lot of practice on his time.
Hand-to-hand Combat: If he is unable to pick-up or reach any weapons, he can use basic melee attacks to defend and attack any enemies in his range.
Familiar Magic: With his contract with Seki, a young rock familiar he met on his familiar hunting assignment, he can command him at his will to launch a barrage of rock to enemies or defend his master with an earth wall.
Crimson release

Misc. Information:
- His horns are often played by hanging it with small trinkets. He doesn't get upset at all.
- He has a weakness for cute things.
- He wears a colorful looking boxers that was called "Tomorrow's pants" or "My tomorrow" that he bought on Moonseed Lane.
- He has a secret crush on Juliet before but they are good friends until now.
- Currently in a relationship with Kardia, who is also his sparring partner as well and often braids her hair in their free time.
- His reaction to snakes acts up quickly; seeing a snake (photographic image, the real deal or things that resembles a snake) will make him freeze until he moves again or saying that word itself will make him slow down his movements like a robot.
- He flicks his wrist before he casts his magic or start a fight.
- Has a light cut on his right wrist but conceals it with bandages and his gloves. He now removes this bandage as he was already done running away from his past.
- The mark on his chest was given by Gwyn, who awakened his 'crimson state' that his family kept secretly to him for a long time.

Roleplay Information
Chatroom Availability: Anytime of the day...I have no life lol
IM Availability: shirotora02 (do tell your dA name before I add you back)
dA Note: Yes you may. :>
How did you find #OtherWorlde?: Koss' journal entry on advertising the group. :)

Script Sample:
Rowen: *It was the second week before the first term of school ends, he and his familiar sat down in the fountain carrying a small thermos bottle filled with hot tea while wrapping themselves with a blanket and stares in front of the academy gates, holding his emerald-stoned necklace he wears. It was still dark and cold, he sips his tea to keep him warm as he waits for someone important to him comes back 'home', he felt worried but keeps a positive look while waiting and pats Seki, who was looking at him with a worried expression. Hours have past, sun rose in his direction but he continues to wait while his familiar was already sleeping at his lap. At the last hour, he stood up on his seat carrying his sleeping familiar and his empty bottle.* Looks like it's the same thing again... *he said as he sighed in disappointment and looks at the gates for the last time before he gets back to his room for a long rest.* Please come back home safely...Kardia...

Paragraph Sample:
Same as above but in a neat way.


Edit: Changed Rowen's outfit because I didn't like my first attempt to it. :iconimsotiredplz:

Might add more information to it.

(c) Rowen, Seki *konrei-sama
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Yekrutslover Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Razik: Welcome, student, to my LIN 303 class. Feel free to come by my office, or approach me elsewhere, should you have any questions... Or if you just want to speak to someone about your Otherworlde experiences. *The kelpie tilts his head and smiles unblinkingly.*
Aceykunn Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013  Student General Artist
HE'S. TOO. AWESOMEEEE :iconsexyrupertplz:
Yekrutslover Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG His outfit looks so cool he looks so cool this looks so cool I-- :iconamgtouchplz:
What a lovely little baby *A*

This picture looks flawless by the way, it's so clean and just hnnng. You always execute your pieces so well.
konrei-sama Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013   Digital Artist
Thanks Chris. :iconhappytearsplz:

I'm going to update this app again soon with the edited outfit I made few days ago.
HanuWabbit Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013   Digital Artist
I like how Rowen progressed!
Your group seems so interesting, I'm tempted to join but I probably can't handle assignments and all that (busy IRL too..sadly)
konrei-sama Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013   Digital Artist
Haha thanks.

It's a fun group but right now too, I'm getting crazy on juggling to finish the assignments. XD
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angelz-devil Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Hey-- Kon QuQ/ I was wondering if you could give me the link for the ELM 104 March assignment-- :iconotlplz: I'm so sorry for the trouble!
konrei-sama Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013   Digital Artist
Here you go: [link] Q7Q
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